How I moved a leaf on Trailhead, or “now that’s what I call customer-focused service!”

Leaf blowing across Salesforce TrailheadI officially get to brag that I’ve made a very small impact on Salesforce Trailhead and I can’t tell you how chuffed that makes me feel. (Chuffed for those who didn’t grow up in New Zealand as I did, means “proud.”)

I know that Trailhead is in Beta, and if it’s like any Beta product that I’ve ever put out for review, there are bound to be some issues here and there. That’s what Beta means in my mind…good enough, but not perfect. I didn’t find any issues with the functionality, but I did find a few (very minor) pieces of content that didn’t jive with my understanding of the Salesforce data model. Nothing major, and to be honest, I thought that I could be wrong, and I wanted to know. So like any good beta tester, yesterday I submitted some feedback. And guess what! I got a response back today from the Salesforce Developer Marketing team! (Shout out to Sandeep, Pavi and Jacob for a fabulous job on all this!).

Not only where they gracious about my piddly little comments, but took me seriously and asked for further feedback. I think I may even get a T-shirt in the end! How cool is that!

So I have their permission to brag, that I helped make Trailhead better (in a very teeny, tiny way) and I think that might be the best end to a Friday night that I could imagine.

Cheers Salesforce for another example of your outstanding customer-focused approach. I’ll remember that next time I put something up for Beta release.