She Started It – A documentary worth supporting

“The Kauffman Foundation estimates that women have formed only three per cent of all tech start-ups.”
She Started It

A couple weeks ago I ran across an inspiring trailer for a new documentary, “She Started It,” and I just had to write about it. I know it’s a little outside my normal topics, but it involves women tech entrepreneurs and I’m running this in lieu of my regular Women Code Hero of the Month column. Read on … I swear it’s worth it! Continue Reading

Women Code Hero of the Month – Melissa Prcic

Women Code Hero of the Month - Melissa PrcicFor a while now I’ve wanted to introduce you to some of the fantastic women developers that I know (and hopefully get to know some more!).

Welcome to the first in a new monthly column profiling Women Code Heroes in our Salesforce community!

I have been working with some amazing coaches through the RAD Women program that I helped co-found, and our first Women Code Hero comes from that that group of women (shout out to all the RAD Women!). Continue Reading