RAD Women

The primary goal of Radical Apex Developers (RAD) Women is to provide a supportive and collaborative environment for women Salesforce developers to help advanced women Salesforce admins build upon their existing click-based administration skills and learn to program on the Force.com platform.

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About RAD Women

RAD Women currently offers a 10-week, Admin to Apex beginning course. By the end of this course, learners will:

  • Be comfortable within the Salesforce Developer Console environment
  • Understand and have participated in one or more community-based forums to support work on the Force.com platform
  • Have successfully architected and implemented a real world Force.com solution that involves the following programmatic tools:
    • Apex classes & triggers
    • DML and SOQL
  • Have an introduction to test coverage.
  • Have presented code to their group of learners.

RAD is run by four women passionate about increasing the ratio of women in technical roles:

RAD Steering Group

What it takes to be RAD

We won’t lie…being RAD takes work…a lot of work. But we think it’s worth it if you have the time and willingness to commit. All RAD learners commit to:

  • Spend 5-7 hours per week devoted to learning apex (one weekly small group meeting and time for independent study/reading/coding). We can’t stress this enough. If you can’t devote at least this amount of time, we ask you not to apply. 
  • Attend and actively participate in every small group meeting.  
  • Collaborate with each other and help and support different learning styles.
  • Provide feedback to the Steering Committee to help improve the group process. Again, this is super important to us. We use the feedback we provide to improve the program and measure its effectiveness. There are very short weekly surveys and a pre and post course survey. All must be completed. 

Learner prerequisites

In order to qualify for being a RAD Learner, you must identify as a woman, have at least two year’s Salesforce administration experience, and have a good understanding of the declarative (point-and-click) administration options within Salesforce, including:

  • Be able to create custom objects and fields (including formula fields)
  • Understand the relationships between standard objects
  • Be able to create custom relationships and understand scenarios where you would create Master-Detail versus Lookup relationships.
  • Strong familiarity with creating complex Workflow Rules (time-dependent, multiple tasks, understanding when the rule will fire) and Validation Rules.

Before the start of the course, have also completed these Trailhead modules:

Still interested? Great! We would love to have you. Check out the sections below to learn how to register for RAD Women.

What’s next?

  1. Compulsory Instructional Webinar – Before the start of each course, we have 1-2 compulsory informational webinars to gauge interest and ensure that everyone knows what they’re getting into.
  2. Registration Submission – The women who attend one of these sessions will be sent an invitation to register. The registration questionnaire helps us match you with a coach that will work for your timezone and your previous experience (no coding experience needed).
  3. Selection Lottery – We always have more women interested than we have seats to fill. In order to keep things fair, we enter all the women who submit registrations into a lottery and fill the seats at random. The number of learners depends on the number of coaches we have available. Each small group contains 6-8 learners and two coaches.
  4. Coach Matching – We match learners with coaches that best match the times that the coaches have available to teach.
  5. Notification Emails – You’ll then be notified if you are either in the course (and what dates/times your live session will be), that you’re waitlisted, or that you didn’t make it this round. Those who don’t make it in this round are given first preference in the next round.
  6. Pre-Evaluation Survey – Must be completed before sessions start.
  7. Sessions start!

Timeline for the next beginner session

More dates to come, but the two most important dates are:

RAD Women NSF grant

Lou Ann Lyon at the research nonprofit ETR has received National Science Foundation funding to study where women get stuck in learning to code and how learning from other women can help them succeed.  You can help in this study by volunteering to be interviewed to talk about what brought you to RAD and about your process of learning to code.  As a thank you for your participation, you will receive an Amazon gift card!  If you are selected for the next RAD Beginning course, please let Angela Mahoney know about your interest in participating.

Get Involved – Become a RAD Coach!

Are you a force.com programmer who would like to help other women learn to code? We need you!

As part of the program, we rely on fabulous RAD Women Coaches who volunteer their time to teach these amazing and courageous learners. You will be assigned to a small group with another coach. We try to match up one experienced developer with more junior coder (and also any new coaches with someone who has coached the course before).

You will be given an orientation to the curriculum and work closely with our Coach and Curriculum leads for whatever support you need to be successful.

As a coach, you will:

  • Set up of all meetings for the group (we will provide webinar services).
  • Instruction/coaching around course topics.
  • Assess homework assignments to help integrate learning, including a final real-world assignment to help learners gain confidence with scoping and developing on Force.com.
  • Ongoing support via the RAD Women chatter group and email to help with any obstacles to coaching.

Please contact Angela Mahoney (Coach Lead) if you are interested in becoming a coach.